Friday, October 23, 2009

For a long time I didn't post anything. I moved to a new place and that involved packing and with it getting rid of things and then unpacking and reorganizing, almost three monts in the new house and didn't finish yet. Yesterday I was reviewing old pictures in the computer and decided to put them here. Some of the works in those pictures are still there, some others don't because, either they were just experimentation or too fragile to survive their making. They are not all tapestries in the traditional sense, but, involve textile materials and techniques and reveal my growing interest in sculpture. Hope my viewers will enjoy watching as much as I do. I also added pictures of my woven pendants. I am very happy to say that they were accepted for sale in the Textile Museum of Toronto's Shop. In the future I will add pictures of my new studio. It is quite smaller than the other one and I doesn't have big windows. I went down from the second floor in the other house to the basement in this one. I expect my inspiration will not go down too.