Monday, May 23, 2011

VI International World Textile Art Biennial - Air - Small Format Show.

One of my works was accepted by the VI International World Textile Art Biennial - Air - Small Format Show. This event takes place this year in several venues in Mexico. The Small format Show goes from May 16th. to June the 3rd. in Xalapa, Veracruz and it shows works from very famous artists. I'm thrilled to be between them! I will add pictures of this tapestry only after the show ends.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Many thoughts

I'm getting ready to start a large piece. For the last several years I've been doing small formats only and that include the miniatures for the woven jewellery. I'm also working on new ideas for the jewellery. They'll hopefully turn out great! These small works are woven in frames of various sizes. Same kind of frames that I was using for the middle ones.
I think the time has come for a change.
For the large one I will use for the first time the old Leclerc Counterbalance Loom that I got from the Ontario Crafts Council Grants Committee a couple of years ago when I applied for the money to buy a loom and they replaced the money by several pieces of equipment. They include the Jack Loom that I've being using for the scarves being sold at the Textile Museum and this one that came disassembled and it took me to a research to find out that manuals are not being made anymore because this is an antique from the early 1900s! and I had to use similarities with the new ones to be able to assemble it properly. It also came with a Warping Mill, several books and notes and a huge bag of yarns - I'm still using them! - I hope my achievements with this equipment will honour the memory of the previous owner. That old lady I've never met. Her90something years old widower gave me all that with the OCC intervention. I think this was meant to be. I was always feeling a connection with her when I went over all her staff. Those were all things I loved to have!
Oops! I forgot to detail the last two pictures:

The red one, is called "Turning point". It's shape is irregular but geometric. The division between the two areas - the triangle an the rectangle - marks the turning point. It has Soumak inserts. Materials are wool, cotton, silk, synthetics and sisal. Warp is linen and it sits on masonite. Size: 8" x 10.
The green one is called: "Still life". It's a perfect square. Size 8"x 8". Made of wool and synthetics. Linen warp, On masonite lined with green cotton fabric. The upper part of the veggie - is a fat green pepper - is woven/built in three layers an that makes it three-dimensional. I'm adding a picture showing that.

About the last two pictures

The next two pictures show my last small format pieces. I'm looking forward to find a place to exhibit them.

new small format work