Sunday, November 9, 2008

artist statement

My work is to me a way of life. I feel a creative force that comes from deep inside of me. It has been silently manifesting itself in my everyday life, in the way I raised my three children, in my cooking, in how I decorated my house and in every other possible way. In the past years, I have happily used this force -which has grown so strong- for the creation of my work.

Every piece represents a challenge, a learning experience. I live through the process of creation that leads me to each finish product. I have a passion for vibrant colors and for the interplay of textures as well as the reactions they provoke against one another. These are the elements that drive my inspiration. I am a rebel when it comes to schematic laws and techniques or simple superficial artistic expressions. I leave “outside the box” and create, experimenting and breaking away from tradition. As an artist and as a human being my goal is to be original, different, find new ways, new images and forms.

I live my life in all dimensions and I apply this to my work. I give life to forms so that they have the strength to jump out of the flat surface from which they are born. Two-dimensional designs become three-dimensional once finished.

Just as busy as my work seems to the eye, my life is filled with activities. I do not like the site of emptiness. As for the materials I choose, I take pleasure in touching and working with different materials such as wool, thread, wood, objects around my house. It is as if these objects had a life of their own and would transmit it to the world through my hands, as if I acted as a messenger between them and the world that surrounds us.

My work is also a way of learning. I grow professionally and creatively through my personal experiences as an artist.

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Krystyna said...

Hello Juana, I like your artist statement. It reflexes great variety of your beautiful works!
I added your blog address to my favorite's links section on my new blog. … I hope you don’t mind… Cheers, Krystyna