Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Studio

I added pictures showing my studio. For my tapestries I allways prefer to use frames in different sizes, I can also use any kind of objects as a frame; the Jack Loom is small and I use it for scarves and other small weavings. You will also see a big Leclerc Counterbalance loom. That's the last addittion and it's an antique, made in the early 1900s, it was disassembled and I had to figure out how to put it together because it came without any instructions and they doesn't exist anymore, it's of course very simple but easy to use. I plan to weave carpets on it and I started with a small one. If it works, I will make bigger ones (!!!). You will also see a miniature table loom, that's a jewel found in a garage sale for just $10! it is also I believe from the 1930's and I am not using it , it's just seating there to admire it's beauty.
I feel very lucky as I came to NAmerica in 1996 with just a bunch of frames, an easel, some tools and a box of yarns and in the last years I received amazing gifts: the two floor looms came from the Ontario Crafts Council as a response to an application for a grant to buy just one and they gave me the real thing instead and not only one but two! and the knitting machine came from my Guild and I am still learning how to use it. God gave me the chance to restart at an age when many people think in retirement.
There is also a found object, a press that seems very good to make paper. Also on top of my storage shelving I put a small sculpture I created with paper pulp.

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Jennifer said...

What an empowering message your life is! I look forward to seeing what you do with all these gifts! I've started later in life with music and art and I always tell everyone it's never too late. I think God is greatly pleased at the boldness of starting anew!